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Twin Piston

Twin Piston Blow Off Valve

On a turbocharged vehicle, when backing off the throttle, excess boost pressure can cause the turbocharger to slow down or even stall. The benefit of using a dump valve is that the excess pressure is either vented to the atmosphere or released back into the intake system, allowing the impellers of the turbo to keep spinning freely.

This extends the working life of the turbocharger and can give quicker response between gear changes. We make dump valves for fitment onto cars where there isn't already one as standard or for those cars where the OE re-circulating valve is being replaced for a heavier duty atmospheric type (the noisy type!).

Our dump valves are of a twin piston design so that they can be used on the majority of turbo applications where the car has a MAF sensor, MAP sensor, carb or mechanical fuel injection. Dump valves have also become increasingly popular because of the sound element involved.


HyperBoost Recirc Valve

Replaces the factory-fit Bosch diverter valve to provide a faster response and more reliable operation. Reduces lag and sharpens throttle-response - meaning faster acceleration and improved driveability. Same width as your factory Bosch valve and only 20% taller. Fits under engine covers for VWs and even in the Porsche Twin Turbo.

  • The Hyperboost valve reduces turbo lag as it recovers faster when you 'hit the throttle' reduced lag = faster acceleration.
  • Throttle modulation is smoother and feels more accurate under your foot.
  • These valves also perform accurately and reliably time and time again, even in the most extreme conditions.

Inadequate/defective standard valves have extended lag, loss of boost, sluggish throttle response. A HyperBoost valve can clear up the previously mentioned problems and offers reliable action, time and time again. If your car has been chipped, a HyperBoost valve will optimise the performance benefits.

Unique features with the HyperBoost valve:

  • Teflon™ impregnated piston for the most accurate and consistent action available while promoting long life.
  • Utilizes larger VitonTM brand o-rings for increased piston seal to insure leak-proof operation.
  • Internal parts are lubricated with Mobil 1TM synthetic grease, the best you can buy.
  • Connection nozzles are machined to OEM/BoschTM dimensions.
  • O-ring sealed cap for positive locking and a leak-proof seal.

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